Reasons to choose wax melts over candles

Although decorative candles can be cute, the flames could catch fire to other objects. Wax melt warmers do not require a flame. Candle wax melter helps you in melting the wax. Wax warmers and wax melts can be used in offices, apartments, dorms, and other areas where candles are prohibited due to the flame. The warmers contain a built-in ceramic heater or small light bulb to warm the scented wax melts. You can release the scent as quickly as 5-10 minutes with the heater built into the warmers.

Many factors can influence both the average candle burn time and the average wax melt burn time. The average burn time can be affected by the type of wax, fragrance oil, flash point, and size of the candle or wax melt. Some prefer wax melts to candles due to their long burn time. The average candle jar burn time is between 60 and 84 hours. Divide the expected burn time of 84 hours by 16 ounces, and you get approximately 5 hours of burn time per ounce. This is equivalent to 8 Oz. Pouch of Happy Wax(r), Wax Melts have an average 225 hour burn time per 8 oz. This equates to 28 hours of burn time per ounce.

Many major candle brands use paraffin oil. Because it is cheaper than soy wax to produce, paraffin wax is used in candles. Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum. This has caused much controversy over its safety and health. Many wax melting businesses are now using soy oil as an alternative to paraffin wax. Soy wax is a vegetable-based wax made from soybeans. It is an alternative to paraffin wax which is made from petroleum oil.

Despite this, some wax-melting businesses haven’t made the transition from paraffin wax to soy wax. Before you buy, we recommend that you check the ingredient list!

Wax warmers and wax melts can be used in offices, apartments, dorms, and other areas where candles are prohibited due to the flame. Parents who fear having their children near an open flame are also fond of wax melting.

These wax melts are very convenient because they don’t require a lighter or matches. The wax melts are also compact and come in a box or bag for storage. You can find them in squares and cubes. They are easy to transport and break down. Drop a wax melt in the wax melt warmer if you want your space to smell great for a long time. Wax melts last from 8 hours up to 2 days.

Because wax melts come in small sizes, you can easily control the strength of your fragrance. You should not exceed 1 oz for each piece, as this could cause excess heat to your wax warmer.

Customers often ask us, “Is wax melts stronger than candles?” We conducted an in-house study to compare the average fragrance loads of candles and wax melts. Most candles have an average oil-to-wax ratio (or 1 Oz) you can use fragrance oil up to 16 Oz. They can hold approximately 10% fragrance oil per container. We did in-house research on the average fragrance oil concentrations of wax melts and found that some wax melts could support an 11-12% fragrance load.

Use scented candles to scent your home, but be aware of the amount of soot they emit and their effects on your air quality. Candles can discolor your walls and curtains over time and can stain your furniture’s edges. Health concerns are also associated with soot. Soot can cause shortness of breathing, asthma and bronchitis. It can also cause strokes, heart attacks, and cancer if it gets into your bloodstream.