A world-class guide to gourmet coffee blends

Gourmet coffee blends are a staple source of rich coffee for many world-class baristas. This blend of coffee gives them the luxury to curate a blend of coffee with some of the best flavours.

What exactly is a gourmet coffee blend?

Gourmet coffee blends are ready-made coffee blends that have been blended and packaged for sale. Consumers buy gourmet coffee blends to get a particular taste. If you purchase a gourmet coffee blend from a reliable coffee store, it probably has been produced with a rich combination of the best coffee beans that are sourced from various origins. Gourmet coffee blends come in various combinations. You could get special blends like Venezuelan beans blended with other coffee from Colombia, Mexico, and Costa Rica. There are also rich blends for lower prices that involves a blend of Arabia beans mixed with Robusta beans.

What is a gourmet coffee blend?

Gourmet coffee blends are made from gourmet coffee. Gourmet coffee is typically a product from 100% Arabica coffee beans which is used to give the coffee brewed a rich flavour, a fine aroma, and a full body. Regular coffee blends usually are made from Robusta beans because they are a lot cheaper since they grow at a faster rate. They are also produced easily.

Unfortunately, Robusta beans also come with a more bitter taste and a quality that is inconsistent compared to Arabica coffee beans. However, there are coffee manufacturers that use a mix that features both versions of coffee beans. However, anybody that truly seeks a pure gourmet coffee experience, will opt for only the 100% Arabica beans.

Gourmet coffee blends: More flavours

Gourmet coffee blends are known for their robust tastes. This is very different from regular coffee. Regular coffees are made from Robusta beans and they seem to come with more caffeine percentages compared to regular blends made with Arabica beans. Therefore, for a lot of coffee lovers, this is of great benefit. This is because excess caffeine in your coffee influences its acidity and increases its bitterness. Furthermore, Arabica beans come with a 60% increase in lipid content and have nearly twice as much sugar content as Robusta beans. This content is what gives the gourmet coffee a smoother and sweeter taste. This is why many baristas are quick to include gourmet coffee blends in their recipes knowing that they are in high demand by livers of fresh and richly mixed coffee blends.

Gourmet coffee blends: A supply chain of expertise and finesse

Before your gourmet coffee blends get to your home or your local coffee hotspots, they are first grown as special coffee beans on farms.

There are various types of coffee beans that are grown by farmers from all across the world. From Ecuador, Colombia, to Kenya and Tanzania, gourmet coffee blends are grown commonly by coffee farmers.

To get the best gourmet coffee blends, you want to make sure that they have been processed from coffee beans that are 100% Arabica and not Robusta beans. This is because Arabica beans are known to give a rich, smooth, consistent, and sweet taste.

Insisting on 100% Arabica beans is the best way that a coffee lover can be sure that they are being offered the best gourmet blends that they can get. Gourmet blends are famously grown in the forest areas of Ecuador and many tropical countries. Usually, when you purchase gourmet coffee blends from reliable suppliers you could be going a long way to help the farmers, the processors, and the gourmet coffee blend suppliers.