Increase Your Audience Reach Dramatically By Creating Customized Google Display Ads

When you are new to Google ads and begin creating these ads by putting keywords that you feel are highly likely to attract organic search and using text creatively, you sometimes do not know that you have to shut off the display setting of your account. By not doing this, you will get frustrated with how quickly your ad budget got emptied with worthless clicks.

This does not mean that the display feature is bad and does not provide results but the ad that runs on a search network will be successful on the display network is not always a possibility. You need to create a separate ad campaign for the display ads and start with a lower budget on these networks for testing them out.

Some people on the other hand completely shut off the display setting without utilizing the opportunities it can offer.

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Difference between search network ads and display ads

Before you jump in to create marketing strategies to use any of the advertising platforms, it is better to get a brief knowledge of how these ads work:

  1. Search network ads:
  • It is a paid advertising strategy that can target the audience based on their search intent.
  • It is a simple and creative process to make quality content that can allow your ad to appear on the top of search engine results when someone is looking out for a specific product or service that you have to offer through your ad.
  • If you score well on quality parameters with this ad, you can gain a competitive advantage in the long run.
  • It is also a highly targeted ad and is often used to promote sales to generate revenue for your company.
  1. Display network ads:
  • Display ads are not limited to their appearance in the sponsored section of the search results but are placed across different websites throughout the web.
  • With display ads, the customers don’t type in the search bar to find you, instead, you directly reach the customers.
  • This is why display ads are usually used in the initial stages of the marketing funnel to create brand awareness rather than targeting a particular intent.
  • Displays ads also work perfectly for a remarketing campaign when you want the visitors to remember your brand.

Advantages of display ads

  • The foremost benefit of using display ads is that it has a very broad reach. Almost 95% of the internet users are on display network websites most of the time which makes it a really strong marketing platform.
  • You can use display ads to create remarketing campaigns especially customized to cater to the needs of your audience based on where they last left on your website.
  • Graphics display ads better provoke sentiments in people and have a higher click-through rate than plain text ads.
  • When you are targeting a display ad solely to create brand awareness, it can be a very affordable option.

How to correctly target your display ad?

  • Create a campaign separately for display networks. You can duplicate the contents of your search ad but run it separately with a lower ad budget to start with.
  • Use more general keywords for display ads as judging the intent of the audience on display networks is quite difficult.
  • Customize the target audience based on their interests, geographical locations, and time zones.
  • Allocate a lower cost-per-click budget to your display ads because display ads can wipe out your advertisement budget very quickly.
  • Create ad variations to target different product lines and monitor them regularly for performance.

The 2 different marketing platforms work on different principles and that is why you must run both the campaigns separately to create a cost-effective marketing solution. While the search engine is best for driving conversions by targeting the intent of the audience, a display network can broaden your reach to create a good brand image.

You can try making them work together but the campaigns still need to run independently of each other. Use both networks for their positive aspects and very soon you could make a pretty good revenue-making system for your business.